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​West Float, Wallasey, Wirral CH41 1AE

We  provide delivery and construction to your door ! 


Over the years more and more people are simply using the internet to buy
online but there is still a certain element who like to do their shopping the
old fashioned way , come down and see for your self , touch and feel the
products .

If there is something your not sure about please either phone or send an
email and we will respond usually within 24 hours.

We must point out we are NOT in the Cheap and Nasty end of the
marketplace you should try the likes EBay and the other sites for that sort
of low grade stuff !

We simply do not want to get involved in that end of market place as there are far to many complaints and repairs that have to be made .
Yes we are fully aware there are some people who just want a Quick Fix a cheap temporary job then EBay and the likes is the place for you.

There are lots of so called great deals ( cheap deals ) on the internet now days, but be careful most of these "Cyber Traders" are only in it for a quick killing.  You see a web site offering what looks like a fantastic deal, is it really when you start looking into the spec of the building. Thin Frame Work , Chip Board in Roof and Floor and many other Tricks they use to make their building to look cheaper . Tricks like The Floor is Extra and lots more beside.  Will these online dealers still be around next year?

Ask can you see their Factory or Show site and listen to them stutter, because most just work from either Home of Small Office in a Back Street and have never made a building in their lives - 10 % men we call them.
What sort of backup do you think they could ever offer you ? Can they make any small alterations for you , change the side the hinges are on , add an extra window ! Most probably not.  It is these people who really spoil the job for every one , you the client as well because ultimately you will lose out paying for low grade products you will have to replace sooner than you thought .

The only thing they do is - put silly prices in peoples minds , so when searching online it effectively puts you in a false starting position. You see an artificially low price you end up buying the product twice because you have to replace it.  Competition is Healthy for every one, but we all have to make money to survive i am sure you will agree.
We feel we offer the most competitive deals with a personal service something you will not find with these Cyber Traders. Just try talking to them and asking any sort of tech question and you will be meet with silence !!!!

If you do find a similar product for sale, please let us know the best price you have offered by sending a copy of the Quote and we will try to beat it on a likes for likes basis, when we say likes for like it is no good saying - i have seen an 8x6 Apex Shed on line for say £220 when ours is £399 . Without even looking i could 100% say it will be a much lower grade building to ours. So it needs to be constructed to the same spec